TASTE5 Best Burger Meals in Melbourne Under $20

A great burger for a great price, gotta love it!


We all love a good burger meal, and here is the best of the best in Melbourne!

Have a look at these burgers for under $20 in Melbourne!

1. 8-Bit Footscray‘Double Dragon’

Have you ever thought, ‘what if I could play games while I wait for my burger?’ Well look no further than 8-Bit in Footscray! This place is so awesome with the rustic look of the building being overtaken by the classic arcade game theme. The aesthetic is only part of the experience however, it is the burgers that make this place great. All of their names are references to classic arcade games so a retro vibe is felt throughout. The particular burger that is called the ‘Double Dragon’ is a reference to the classic game of the same name. It features double beef, double cheese, double bacon and pickles, mustard, lettuce, tomato sauce and 8-Bit sauce. You can grab this burger for only $15.50, with any additional sides if you please.

2. Skipping Girl Take Away – ‘The Lot’

With minimalist decor this place may not look all too fancy, but just wait until you get your burger. Upon walking in you are greeted by almost nothing inside this burger bar besides some drawings from the kids who have come in. The next step is to order your burger meal and the choice is hard. You can go for beef, double beef or even a burger with triple beef! If that is not your preferred burger choice, you can get chicken, veggie or fish. But what we found to be the best is ‘The Lot’. This burger is packed full of goodness. With wagyu beef, cheddar cheese, a free range egg, bacon, beetroot, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and finished off with Skipping Girl Sauce. This is sure to fill you up twice over for only $19.

3. Changz Canteen‘Japanese Fried Chicken’

Once Changz hot sauce worked it’s way into popular food chains, the creator of the hot sauce thought ‘why don’t I open my own burger bar?’ And this is what we got! This place has a very homely feel to it when you see the location. You are greeted with a mural of Darth Vader and Boba Fett along with various other Star Wars items upon entering. This place offers different burger specials every week on top of the constant choices that are present. The Japanese Fried Chicken burger is simple but tasty. Japanese style fried chicken with miso mayo, snow pea coleslaw and mustard greens make a great combination. This burger comes in at a mere $13 so you can get extras and add ons galore. An option to replace your burger buns with lettuce leaves is also very welcome.

4. Easey’s‘Son of Rogerson’

This American diner is built inside a train five storeys up in the air. It is one the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants in Melbourne. Not only is the exterior modelled after a train, but the interior tables are laminated maps of the train lines in Melbourne. The menu is even styled like the timetable for the trains in Melbourne. The other part of the style is heavily influenced by graffiti art and the entire sides of the train are spray painted in a classic graffiti style. And this hasn’t even touched on the food! All of the food is very true to the American diner experience, from the pop-tarts to the pickles imported from Detroit, a taste of America is present. The Son of Rogerson burger is very American with its beef, American cheddar, pastrami, pickles and a special Louisiana remoulade. All of this coming in at only $14!

5. Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill‘Hummer’

Neon signs. So many neon signs. This is due to the fact that the owner of the burger bar also owns a sign shop and immense collection of signs. The feel of the bar is similar to that of an American bar, with the leather seat booths and neon lighting. The only things provided on the tables are the coasters and napkins, which is suitable for this bar because you won’t be needing any cutlery for these burgers. The Hummer is a burger that lives up to its name. This huge, spicy burger has a grass fed beef patty with the heat coming from the Jalapeños and special ‘Hummer’ spicy mayo. This burger will set you back $17.50 and it will be more than worth the cost.

Have you guys had any of these burgers? Are these places your next stop for a good feed? Let us know in the comments what you thought was the best because Your Opinion Matters Most!

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