TASTE5 Best Freakshakes in Sydney

Freakshakes are the next big food item in Australia and here are the best places in Sydney to find them!


A freakshake is more than just a regular milkshake, it is massive and loaded with all the sugar you could want!

Topped with a donut or chocolates or sometimes even a brownie, these are delicious sugary treats. But where are they and which ones are the best? Well here at YOMM we’re giving you the ‘Best Freakshakes in Sydney!’

The Vogue Cafe

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Here at the Vogue Cafe they specialise in making these freakshakes. Serving their sugary treats for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon kick, this place will keep you going. Pair one of the crazy chocolate drinks with a plate of donut fries and chocolate sauce. However, this is not all this cafe does. They also serve some nice meals that you can enjoy with a side of a specialty freakshake. You can also enjoy their seasonal menus when you visit during any holiday season. With Christmas they bring candy cane themed freakshakes and with Easter it is chocolate galore!


The Missing Piece

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You would never think that a milkshake that is topped with a lollipop, marshmallow and ice cream would work, but it does! Thank you ‘The Missing Piece’ for bringing us this incredible creation of flavours! Not only do they serve this but also many other items. You can get a freakshake with Oreos, Crunchie and Nutella. Maybe you need a cinnamon milkshake with a cinnamon donut on top with an espresso shot optional. Even with all of these great freakshake options you will never get enough and will have to keep coming back again and again.


XS Espresso


A semi outdoor cafe with high quality food and the best freakshakes in Sydney? Oh yes please!! Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner this restaurant is ready to serve you the finest food and the freakiest shakes. You can book a table and have a nice sit down and enjoy your fancy freakshake. Alternatively you can just show up and order your drink of desire and take off to sip in the comfort of your own home. Now more than ever these drinks are accessible through Uber Eats so you can never even have to leave the house to grab yourself a freakshake! Although we may advise leaving once in a while for exercise considering these shakes are HUGE and pack quite the sugar punch.


Wild Pear Cafe

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A nice place to sit down and enjoy the outdoors, the Wild Pear Cafe serves a rosewater milkshake that has everybody talking. This milkshake is delicious by itself but is topped by such delicate fairy floss that just adds that little extra sweetness to it. Other than the fairy floss making the milkshake look like something out of a Dr Seus book, it is incredible to look at. The vibrant pink colour is complimented by the traditional diner glass the drink is served in and as a bonus you even get a strawberry at the very top for some added joy to your life. This cafe takes booking so be sure to tell all of your friends and bring them along for the rosewater milkshake!


Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery


Famous for their ‘TellaBall’ shakes, this cafe also doubles as a bakery. The chefs here create delicious bakery items to serve alongside their milkshakes for maximum enjoyment. Their freakshake comes in four different flavours, being Nutella, salted caramel, vanilla and strawberry. All of these are topped with a donut and any other toppings that you would like. The donuts are of the highest quality due to the expertise of the bakers, which just makes the freakshakes that much better. This place is perfect for those looking to enjoy a freakshake for the first time as it isn’t too overwhelming, but it is still extremely nice.


OMG! Some of those look way too good to be true! Did you like the look of any of them? Maybe you’ve already had one of these freakshakes? Let us know in the comments because Your Opinion Matters Most!

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