WEAR5 Ethical Aussie Clothing Brands

If you are a fashionista who also wants to save the environment, check out these Australian ethical and sustainable clothing brands!


Saving the environment is becoming a growing concern in the youth world.

Make a difference by being more conscious of where the clothes you wear have come from, and what they are made of! Here are some ethical and environmentally sustainable clothing brands that you can support, while also looking on-point.

1. Vege Threads

‘Vege Threads’ is an Aussie brand that offers menswear, womenswear and swimwear that is all made out of environmentally gentle products. They care about the planet, and keep their fabrics made locally and use limited dyes and hemp materials. Their labels are super cute and the designs are perfect for every-day wear!

2. Pure Pod – Eco Fashion

‘Pure Pod’ aims to celebrate Australia’s bees and strive to create a cleaner fashion industry by promoting ethical design and providing products that have an environmentally friendly identity. Along with clothing, Pure Pod also makes homewares and jewellery.

3. Cameron and James

‘Cameron and James’ is an Aussie brand that is proud to be ethical, handmade, sustainable and natural. Their main focus is to create a fashion label that is stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly. It is safe to say that they have done so! Their ‘Made to Order’ production style gives them the ability to focus on the quality of their clothing, an aspect that is often lost in the fashion world.

4. Thread Harvest

‘Thread Harvest’ is an Aussie brand that provides clothing for men and women, swimwear and skincare that are as equally environmentally friendly as they are stylish. As an ethical online fashion marketplace, they aim to make a positive impact on the environment. Thier brands and collections are super trendy and comfortable.

5. Etiko

‘Etko’ uses certified organic cotton, fair trade networks and vegan products only! They aim to make zero negative impacts on the planet as a company; a huge goal that they seem to be completing! ‘Etiko’ aims to socially increase their impact and encourage the youth generations to support the environment.

If you have any other brands that are environmentally conscious and efficient, let us know in the comments below!

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