WEAR5 Perfect Boardies For This Summer

Rock up to the beach with one of these fresh looking boardies this summer


It wouldn’t be Summer without a few pairs of boardies to throw on to head out.聽 Whether you’re just hanging out or actually jumping in the water, boardies are an awesome choice.

They can break the bank a bit though – depending on the brand and where you go. So we did a quick cruise and came up with a list that gives you some different options (at different prices too) that aren’t your standard boardies brands.聽 Cause we think it’s OK to be a little different!

5. Boardies庐 Tropicano Floral Swim Shorts

Hello pastels – kinda takes us back to the eighies.聽 Not that we were around then … but pastels are making a comeback so get on board with these boardies! These guys have enough colour so they look interesting, but they’re not so over the top your friends will be shielding their eyes. These are some of the cleanest looking boardies on the market. Their steep price point however may be a turn off for some. Maybe stick these on your Christmas list 馃槈


Place:Boardies Apparel

4. Pelican Pants

Stand out from the crowd this summer with these unique looking Pelican Pants! We think Cotton On has hit the mark with the colour and the design – again, a little different so we’re loving them. And talk about a bargain! Just under $30 so definitely worth checking out.


Place:聽Cotton On

3. Puffer Fish & Palm Print

WOW! This colour pops out so much and is such a statement. Turn heads with a pair of these boardies. The light blue background sits nicely as a base for the bright colour of the pink puffer fish and palm trunks. With these on you can strut down and own the beach with ease. Nice price too and available online so no beach time wasted at the shops.


Place: ASOS

2. Aussie Wattle Pattern

More like the boardies we all know – longer leg length so close to the knee with the traditional flat waistband and shoelace fastener. We love the Aussie twist on an Hawaiian style. What a classic design, the Australian national flower! It’s hard not to love these boardies when you look at them. If you are more of a lover of the subtle patterns these are the boardies for you. With an ashy black colour as the base the flowers are certainly the feature, but don’t stand out too much. Team a white tee, sunnies and a cap for a fresh look that could even take you on a lunch date.

Price: $63.99


1. ‘Ambient’ Flowers

This design is incredible but probs only for the brave! The way the flowers look as though they’ve been put under a filter is such a cool effect. The mix of all the blues, purples and pinks makes for an interesting design with many layers to it. With such a cool aesthetic you are sure to rock these boardies this summer. Pretty short though so a big departure from the boardies of a couple of years ago.


Place: 11 Degrees

So those were the top picks from us at YOMM for the best boardies to get this summer. Let us know if you saw anything you liked on the list or you have any other favourites you could recommend.

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