PLAY5 Reasons VR is Awesome!

Get transported into a world that you can experience like real life using VR!


We all know that VR is cool, but do you know just how cool it can be?

For anyone who has seen the movie ‘Ready Player One’ you know how cool VR can be. Here at YOMM we’ve collected what we think to be the coolest 5 things about VR!

5. Ride a Rollercoaster in Your Room! (Sort of)

With VR you can transport yourself into the seat of the most dangerous of rollercoasters! Well, you can get a cinematic experience similar to that of a real life rollercoaster, but still! You can do this from the comfort of you own home. Being able to ride a rollercoaster whenever you like, wherever you like seems pretty cool to me. The other great part of this is that you don’t have to share with anyone else and you can get the best seat every time! You can even transport yourself into a different world with VR so you can ride a rollercoaster through space! Other notable elements of the VR system are that you can build your own rollercoasters with ‘Rollercoaster Dreams’. Although it has been described by many as the worst of the bunch and as a buggy mess, this game does allow you to ride your hand-made rollercoasters.

Being one of the first parts of VR that was demonstrated to the public early on in development, it had some issues. Due to the early nature of the headsets, people would often report feeling nauseous. However with new development in Virtual Reality technology, this sickness is far less common!

4. Architectural Designs in Depth

One use that is not so common is the use of VR for actual architecture. The technology allows for architects to strap themselves in and create 1:1 replicas of their designs in a fully 3D atmosphere. This means that it is easier to communicate designs to others and also easier to explore the layout of particular buildings. It means less paperwork and most importantly, more fun! Well maybe not most important, but its still really fun!

Before VR there were some reports of architecture companies using games such as Minecraft to create buildings. However that did not allow for a very complex design. Now architects can implement technology into their work in a much better way. The technology allows for a first person look at the building and design. Various materials and parts of nature can be loaded in to create an authentic looking location and also show how the building would look in relation to it’s surroundings. Overall, VR architecture seems like the next step to take in this field.

3. Tilt Brush

Full credit to Google on this amazing project of theirs. This painting tool for VR allows you to not only paint in regular ways, but also to walk around you artwork. The ability to walk around you artwork has meant that many artists have given this program a go, resulting in some of the most beautiful 3D artwork we have seen. Not only are you able to paint in 3D but you can also paint using different effects. Some of these effects include snow, smoke and fire as well as many many more. The interface is said to be the best designed for the purposes of art in VR and also simple enough for anyone to figure out. Tilt Brush retails for roughly $30 when buying it for the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift so it is affordable as well.

2. Explore The World!

With VR you can travel to wherever you want to go! Using Google Earth VR (again, thank you Google) you can do your regular Google Maps Street View but with an all new twist of VR. You can travel to Giza and look at the pyramids, then jump to Venice and take a stroll down the canals. Then maybe you’d like to visit Rio de Janeiro for a look at the famous ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue. The possibilities are endless with this incredible VR technology. If you aren’t a very keen traveler this could be just what you need in your life! Being able to visit all the places you can dream of is just one way VR can be absolutely awesome. Make sure to check this out if you ave any device that can support VR capabilities, you won’t regret it!

1. So Many Games!

Maybe you want to play through a horror game with a first person point of view. Maybe you’d like to go into space and control your own spaceship with “Star Trek: Bridge Crew’. You might even want to listen to music and slash some blocks with ‘Beat Saber’, there are so many games to play! Whatever genre of game you can think of there is sure to be a VR suitable game out there for you. Even if there is not yet a game, with the increase in popularity of VR there will surely be one in the near future.

Many game companies are devoting time to allow their games to be played with a full virtual reality experience so we expect VR to be the next huge trend in gaming. Some driving games have even taken the next step and allowed you to control not only the car in first-person, but the drivers eye movements. This immersive experience has been popularised by the involvement of the media and companies such as HTC and Google developing the latest in this technology.

With many aspects unexplored, here at YOMM we are so excited to see what is to come!

Have any of these functions impressed you? Are you even considering getting a VR headset now? Let us know in the comments because Your Opinion Matters Most and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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