WEAR5 Worst Fashion Trends of 2018

You're gonna have to question whether some of these are serious they are just THAT ridiculous.


With so many different fashion trends to arise in 2018 there was bound to be at least one horrible trend.

Here at YOMM HQ we’ve all agreed that these are the worst by far …

5. Crocs / Bedazzled Crocs

Price: Upwards of $1090

Crocs are already bad enough but it makes it so much worse that people are putting jewels on them. Real jewels it would seem – over $1000 for Crocs. Puleeeease! We have seen some bad versions of this particular item but the worst offender has to be Balenciaga with their new platform pink and goth looks. These are just so ugly I cannot believe a major fashion line has released a ‘fashionable’ design for them.

4. Fanny Packs

Price: Upwards of $1000

Fanny packs really should have stayed in the 80’s. Unfortunately they have made a resurgence and now we have to deal with fashion brands pushing for them to be popular again. There are many examples of famous people wearing this fashion piece but our favourite (or least favourite) is definitely Kendall Jenner. She has been seen on multiple occasions sporting this item we are very confused by it. Her look fits right in with the likes of The Rock in his iconic 1990’s photo.

3. Bulky Puffer Jackets

Price: $700 – $3000

I know a nice big jacket can be the most comfortable thing to relax in but these fashion statements are taking it a bit too far. These puffer jackets are purposefully designed to be nothing short of a cocoon for those who wear them. Notably, Rhianna has been seen wearing a rather large puffer jacket in London, despite the warmer weather at the time.

2. Huge Dad Shoes

Price: ~ $1500 Louis Vuitton

Well nobody liked Dad shoes anyway but they have managed to work their way into mainstream fashion. Yet again it is the Kardashian clan we have to thank for this appearance in fashion. With their style being unmatched or unnatural we think that this trend is too strange. Leave the ugly sport shoes for the Dads out there who have been wearing them for years. 

1. Plastic / See-Through Clothing

Price: $824 – $1178

It really is turning out to be a Barbie World nowadays. Plastic clothing is looking like it is coming into the spotlight. Whilst maybe in small amounts plastic clothing / see-through clothing can be okay, some of the full dresses look like sweat bags. In no way does it look more comfortable than regular clothing and most of the time even looks worse! Somehow we are no longer surprised when we see Kim Kardashian sporting this highly unfashionable look.

Wow guys, some of these are really bad right? And it seems that it’s all celebs who are rocking the worst trends we can find. Why? Yeah we’re asking ourselves that right now.

What do you think? Your Opinion Matters Most so we would love to hear what you have to say about these trends … or whether there are any other shockers that we’ve missed?

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