MOVE9 Awesome Fun-Runs To Do With Your Friends!

Have a go at some of these fun runs with your friends and raise money for a good cause!


We all love to get outside and go for a run or a jog every now and then, but why not do it for a good cause?

These fun runs combine the activity of running with the goal of raising money for charity. So grab some friends and join in on these fun runs!

1. Colour Run

Date: To be announced for 2019
Distance: 5 km

This fun run is “more about the memories than the miles” so you can be sure to have a good time. The goal of this 5 km run is to start wearing something white and have it be covered in colour by the end. The completion time is not recorded for entrants as it doesn’t matter as much as the fun! We are sure you have seen photos or heard of this event before, but it is such a good event to take your friends to next year!

2. Maitland River Run

Date: 2nd June

Distance: 4 km, 8 km, 12 km or 1 mile sprint

2019 will be this particular events 10th anniversary so it will surely be the best! The course takes you around the city and along the Maitland River so it is very scenic. The round course flows into itself so the 12 km run is just 3 laps. To participate you must head to the Hunter Valley which is not a problem at all due to the location being so beautiful to look at. The earliest start is 9am for the 12 km race so no need to worry about an early wake up!

3. Sun Herald City 2 Surf

Date: 12th August
Distance: 14 km

Perhaps the most famous of the Australian fun runs, City 2 Surf is a huge event that has managed to raise over $36 Million for charity since 2008. Contributing to this event is not only some great fun and exercise, but helps some good causes. The event is heavily documented online and has a competitive side with times being posted every year. Prizes are awarded to those who do well, but everyone receives a medal and downloadable certificate.

4. Australia Day Ultra

Date: 19th January
Distance: 25 km, 50 km, 75 km or 100 km

What a way to spend the Australia day weekend! Running, jogging, walking up to 100 kilometres! This one is sure get you started early in the morning, and we mean early. This event starts at midnight if you choose the 100 km option! This event is only for those who are committed and strong enough to completing this challenge. If you are not up for the task you can even enter the kids version which is 6 kms and a 9 am start.

5. Coffee Coastal

Date: 1st January
Distance: 10 km, 21.1 km or 42.2 km

Start off your New Years with a blast into the fitness realm! Get up at 6 am and head down to Semaphore to participate in this event. The course runs to Brighton and back and has water fountains and toilets all along it. This event is described as low-cost and low-key. Not to mention the incredible views from the coastal course! With this event, your New Year is sure to be a good one!

6. Your Only Limit is You

Date: Throughout the entire year of 2019
Distance: Choose a goal of 500 km, 1000 km, 1500 km or 2000 km

Your only limit is you. We love this idea at YOMM because it is so true! This challenge proves this as well because when you set the goal for yourself the only person who can achieve it, is you. This helps create a better self image when at the end of the year you can see the progress you have made towards your goal. When you receive your medal and magnetic heart, you can look back at the year and how much you have accomplished.

7. The Bloody Long Walk: Townsville

Date: 9th June
Distance: 35 km

35 kilometres of “huffing, puffing and laughing out loud”, this event is tough. Walk alongside the Ross River whilst soaking in views of Townsville. Checkpoints along the way provide fruit and water so you can stay energised. You can even join in a team with all your friends and rock a cool uniform! You will travel from Pioneer Park to the Strand on this immense journey, and be able to chat with the other participants as well.

8. The Thunderbolt Classic

Date: 31st August
Distance: 2 km (kids), 16 km or 33 km

Travel through the Barrington Tops National Park during this event as you soak in the scenery and eucalyptus smell. The 16 km event takes you through the national park on a mostly easy route. Whereas the 33 km version sees participants head into the Corker Trail! This turns the event into a high altitude adventure where you explore the rugged mountainous areas of the national park.

9. Tough Mudder

Date: 18th + 19th May QLD, 19th + 20th Melbourne and 16th + 17th November Sydney
Distance: 16 km + 20 obstacles

The Tough Mudder is known everywhere as one of the hardest, most grueling fun run events. Whether you are running, crawling or swimming it is all through the mud. The stuff is everywhere! Even though you may start relatively clean, no matter what you do you will end up being cover head to toe in mud. But that is so fun! Being able to just trudge through with some of your friends, competing to see who fairs the best is such a good time!

There are our favourite Australian fun runs! Have you guys been in any of these events? Are you interested in any of them now? Let us know in the comments because we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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