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Habits are really easy to form and not so easy to break. While some habits, like exercise, can have positive consequences, some can be physically, mentally or socially harmful. We might not like to admit it but we all have bad habits that need breaking. Are you guilty of some of these?

Habit: Nail Biting

It might seem innocent enough but nail biting can have serious consequences. Often a symptom of boredom or anxiety, nail biting is something that many of us do without even realising we are. But be warned – if you bite your nails you could make yourself sick, get a nasty nail infection or cause dental problems. Gross, we know, but if that doesn’t motivate you to give up nail-biting, this might. There are more bacteria under your nails than on a toilet seat!

So how do I break the habit?

Start by cutting your nails short. There will be nothing much left you’ll be less tempted to start biting. Paint your nails with clear nail polish (or coloured if you prefer). It tastes horrible! Finally, recognise what makes you start biting your nails in the first place. Once you do, whether it’s stress or boredom, you’ll be more aware of your triggers.

Habit: Getting No Sleep

We’ve all been there. Just one more episode or page of a book and suddenly it’s after midnight and you’re still wide awake. Whether you’re at school, uni or work, nobody has time for being constantly tired and it can seriously affect not only your academic performance but your mood as well. Science says that we need at least seven or eight hours of sleep to function properly and there are consequences for those that don’t get it. These include weight gain, bad memory and poor mental health. Is the Netflix binge really worth it?

So how do I break the habit?

Set yourself a regular bedtime and stick to it. Downloading an app like Sleep Cycle can help as it tracks the time you go to bed and wake up each day, calculating your total sleep time. Put your phone and laptop away half an hour before bed and take a hot shower or bath instead. If all else fails, put a block on your internet after midnight to help you avoid temptation!

Habit: Being Late

Showing up late on a regular basis doesn’t make the best impression. Even though you might think you have a genuine excuse, being consistently late can make you seem disorganised, selfish and even rude! And we’re not just talking about being late to work or school – always being late to meet friends might start to annoy them more than you realise. Not only that, but you might miss out on important information or opportunities simply because you didn’t arrive on time. Are you guilty of always running late?

So how do I break the habit?

Set your clocks and phone ten minutes ahead. This will mean even if you think you’re running a few minutes late, you’ll still be on time. Add reminders to your phone or set an alarm for the time you need to leave and have it repeat every five minutes so you aren’t tempted to ignore it.

These are our tips, but we want your opinion! How would you break a bad habit? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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