CAREBuilding A Capsule Wardrobe: Everything You Need To Know


The capsule wardrobe is nothing new – it’s been around since our parents were young! Have you ever stood in front of your closet and said ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’? Then this is the answer to all your problems. While the official ‘capsule wardrobe’ follows a strict set of rules, we’ve decided to put our own spin on it. All you have to do is reduce your wardrobe to a few select pieces that can be swapped and shifted with the seasons. You’ll never have a clothing crisis again!

Need help finding the motivation to get started? Check out our tips here!

The Clear Out

Before you start to create your new, minimalist clothing collection you need to get rid of the excess! Take everything out of your wardrobe – and we mean everything – and make a huge pile on either the bed or the floor. Now you have emptied your closet, you have no choice but to sort through the mess.

Throw It Away

We have to admit that this step could take a LONG time! There’s no way around it – you need to look at each item and decide if it still has a place in your wardrobe. This is your chance to channel Marie Kondo and ditch anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. And if it’s stained or got a hole in it, don’t even think about keeping it. It might be a good idea to get a friend to join you for this step and help you stay strong.

Organise The Chaos

By now you should be left with a pile that is about a third of what you started with – the best of the best, the stuff you will wear again and again. Look at your wardrobe and decide which space will be dedicated to which items. Then begin folding and arranging your pieces so you can see them all easily.

Make A List

After ditching a significant chunk of your wardrobe, you might feel like there are some holes in your clothing collection. Make a list of any items you are missing in the notes section of your phone – it could be a decent pair of jeans, basic t-shirts or even winter boots. Next time you go shopping, you’ll have the list to guide you and prevent you from buying more of what you already have.

Keep It Seasonal

A capsule wardrobe is not designed to stay the same – as the seasons change, it should also change! At the end of each season, repeat these steps and decide what key items you want to buy for summer or winter and what items you need to pass on to friends or charity.

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