PLAYDo You Need An Instagram Grid Overhaul?

Wanna take your insta to the next level? Here are some tips to help to improve your feed!


If you’ve had Instagram for a long time, you’ll know the embarrassment of scrolling back to your very first post. To make matters worse, chances are, some of your followers have done the same thing! Worried that your crush might stalk your profile and see your awkward stage? Find yourself posting almost every single day? Follow these steps to overhaul your Instagram grid!

Filters Are Out

There’s nothing wrong with upping the brightness a little or posting the odd black and white pic, but over-filtering is a no no. Have a look back through your grid, find any photos where the filter is just too much and delete. If you don’t have the original photo in your camera roll, and the pic is a memory you want to keep, save the Instagram version before getting rid of it.

Quality Over Quantity

We’re all guilty of photo repeating. Whether it’s an amazing sunset, delicious brekky or great selfie, posting the same type of photo can ruin your grid’s aesthetic. You’ll probably score yourself a few ‘unfollows’ too. Not every photo you take needs to be shared to Instagram – remember to keep it interesting and post good quality images where you can.

Out With The Old

If you check the ‘following’ section of your account, you might be surprised at what you find. We can pretty much guarantee that there will be celebs and brands that are no longer relevant or interesting to you. Now is the time to unfollow any accounts that you’ve lost interest in so your feed isn’t cluttered and you don’t miss any important posts!

Time For A Change

Using your name as your Instagram handle is the way to go. If you struggle to remember your handle, chances are other people will too. If your name isn’t available, consider including your middle name initial or adding an underscore. Protecting your privacy is important, so avoiding your full name and opting for a shortened version is a good idea.

Stay Safe

Unfortunately, not everybody on Instagram is there for the right reasons. If you choose to have your account on public, make sure it doesn’t contain any personal information such as your full name, date of birth or precise location. Think about the photos you are posting and where they could end up! Turning your account to private can make it easier to keep track of your followers.

These are our tips for overhauling your Instagram account, but we want to know yours! Share them in the comments.

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