PLAYExciting New Game Releases for 2019

Get ready to bunker down and get your game on with these all new titles coming in 2019!


With 2019 fast approaching you might want to know how you can spend your time in the video game world.

Here at YOMM HQ we’ve compiled a list together of what we think are the most exciting releases for 2019.

A New ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Game? Yes Please!

The ‘Kingdom Hearts’ series has developed a massive following over the years due to it’s fun gameplay.  We also love the many cameos from our favourite Disney and Pixar characters. With updated graphics and a new story for us to play through it’s no wonder we’re excited to see what is to come with ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’.

With the leaks and gameplay footage already released we can see that we will venture into the world of ‘Hercules’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Tangled’. Releasing on the 29th of January 2019 on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One this is a must get game for fans of either Disney or Kingdom Hearts.

Square Enix (the game developers) have been good about telling fans of the series what they want to hear, which helped build all of the hype around this title game.

Unique Open World Futuristic RPG

‘Anthem’ is a hotly anticipated release for 2019. It looks to be a game that can rival the titans that are the Destiny and Halo franchises. EA has developed this game as an ever evolving open world that will see you and three friends teaming up to tackle an RPG-like style of gameplay. A core feature of the game is the use of futuristic exosuits to traverse the landscape. You can customise your suit to fit the aesthetic and power level you like and will be able to gain more powerful gear as you progress. On top of this extensive customisation of your exosuit, you can customise weapons and equipment which is a feature that has been explored in other games but not this much. A class based system will ensure a variety of gameplay elements that will come together to create a fun and unique experience for players.

Sonic Takes to the Race Course

I know what you’re thinking, ‘But Sonic is meant to be a runner!’ Well yes but in this game he takes after Mario and hops into a kart. In this game you team up with your friends to take on another team of racers.

Choose from a cast of 15 playable characters from the Sonic Universe while you hit the course and use special team moves so you can conquer you opponents. Experience this game in a local four way split screen or take your skills online and show off to people in a range of different game modes. Various customisations are available to unlock so you can change the appearance and handling of you vehicle. You can even take to the story mode where you will have a more cinematic experience. A main feature is the implementation of three distinct character classes which affect your gameplay. With all of this considered, the YOMM team is very excited to pick up ‘Team Sonic Racing’ for the Nintendo Switch around mid 2019.

Go Back To Traversing Tricky Mines in Spelunky 2

With almost an 11 year wait for this sequel to the unique platformer from indie designer Derek Yu many are awaiting the release. From the free release of the first game it has scored a 9/10 in IGN, GameSpot and Steam user reviews. The gameplay has been updated but is still similar to the charming platforming of the first game. But you will have to brace yourself because an entirely new ‘third dimension’ for the players to explore is present. The challenge of the first game seems to still be present in the sequel only with more aspects to consider. New enemies are introduced and old foes are being revamped. The physics engine has increased the interaction with liquids and there are even some friendly critters to be found. Having had so many years to wait in anticipation for the next game in the series I am very excited to see exactly what this game has to offer.

Ori Returns With All New Beautiful Art Design

The first title in the series came out in 2015 and wowed the world with it intuitive gameplay but most of all it’s breathtaking visuals. ‘Ori and the Will of the Wisps’ is no different. With the first game receiving a perfect score from Steam and over an 8/10 from every other major critic site it is no secret that this next title will blow us away. Austrian indie developer Moon Studios has scheduled 2019 as the rough release date after showing it at E3 2017. Many different locations are going to be able to be explored including forests, caves and jungles. Additionally, various creatures can be found along your journey including a giant spider looking beast. With the anticipation building and expectations high, be sure to prepare you Xbox One or PC for this game.

That’s it for our list for the most exciting games coming out in 2019, but we’d love to hear what you have to say.

Leave a comment telling us which game you’re most excited for and if you saw a game on here that you didn’t know of before.

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