WEARGirls, These Are The Five Summer Fashion Trends You Need To Know!


2018 – the year that leopard print made a comeback and linen was EVERYWHERE. Just because the year is nearly over doesn’t mean that you can’t end it in style and start 2019 right. Keep up with the in-crowd this season with these five summer fashion trends you need to know!

Shirred Everything!

This gathered fabric trend may have made an appearance in the early 2000s, but it looks like shirred everything is here to stay for the summer of 2018/2019. Whether it’s a cute mini skirt, crop top or summer dress, this gathered fabric look is both cute and flattering. Dress it down for a casual weekend with friends, or add heels, a cool bodysuit or cropped trousers for the perfect party outfit.

We love this cute shirred bandeau and shirred mini skirt. Both available from Glassons

Straw Bags

Loved by bloggers and celebs alike, the straw bag is the perfect summer accessory to add some serious bohemian vibes to your outfit. While you may only be able to fit your phone, cardholder and a couple of beauty bits inside, who said fashion had to be practical? If the popular round bags just aren’t for you, you might prefer a straw beach bag or shoulder bag. And if you do love the original style, keep it individual with a coloured strap or interesting buckle.

We love the pop of pink on this Arms of Eve ‘Luna’ Bag. Available from The Iconic.

Super Comfy Slides

If they’re good enough for Gigi, Kendall and Miley, they’re good enough for us. Whether you’re out shopping or beaching it, slides are the perfect summer shoe and give any outfit a sporty-luxe feel. Best of all they are available in every colour, shape, style and price-range you could ever imagine. If you can’t find something you like, maybe you just aren’t looking hard enough!

Looking for slides on a budget? Check out Rubi’s range of affordable yet totally cute options!

A Splash Of Yellow

Yellow for summer? Groundbreaking. Even though it’s not the most original trend we’ve seen, we love that the happiest of all the colours seems to be everywhere this season. There are so many shades to suit a variety of skin tones, but if you find that yellow just isn’t your colour, try a yellow stripe or trim to still be right on trend. If Kylie can rock a fluoro yellow tracksuit set, you can give it a go!

Try this cropped tee from Universal Store or take it to the next level with this adorable playsuit from Kookai

Ultra-Chic Scarves

When you think of scarves, you’re probably thinking the woolly winter kind, but summer has taken ownership of this versatile accessory. Style it like a headband, knot it around your ponytail or tie it in a bow on your bag to look like you’ve just stepped off a plane from Europe. We love how this trend can make any outfit look super sweet and girly, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a summer-ready look!

And here’s a huge OOOOPS … we forgot SCRUNCHIES! How could we forget the throwback to the 80s and early 90s when scrunchies were huge.  Maybe we forgot them on purpose – cause our Mums said they used to wear them! Bahaha.

So these are our pick for this year’s top Summer Fashion Trends … but what’s your opinion?

Which summer fashion trend is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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