READHow To Make A Habit Out Of Reading

Do you want to become a book-worm? This article will show you exactly what you have to do to develop a healthy reading habit!


Reading is becoming somewhat of a lost art amidst all of the amazing technological advances of the modern day.

If you are anything like me, you know how hard it can be to get through a good book thanks so all of the distractions that our phones or laptops provide. This article will hopefully help you to make a habit of reading every day.

Discover What You Like To Read

You won’t ever be able to make a solid habit of reading unless you discover what kind of books you like to read. There is no point in reading a book that you aren’t enjoying. If you haven’t read much before, then you might be a bit stuck as to where to start. Think of it like this; if you like romance movies, then it is likely that you like romance novels. However, don’t be afraid of trying something new and testing out a genre that you have never tried before, you might get a nice surprise!

Set Reading Times

Making a schedule can be the best way to kick-start your reading habits. Perhaps try to allocate 15 minutes to 1 hour every day just to finishing that chapter! It can be anytime, from the first thing in the morning to the last thing you do before you fall asleep. Make sure you set a realistic goal because somedays there just won’t be enough time!

Make A Reading List and Set Goals

 It is a great idea to make a reading list either every month or every year. You can set yourself anything between 10 to 50 books to read each year, or three classics and three modernist novels each year. The reading world is your oyster, so tailor it to you!

Always Carry A Book With You

You never know when you will have a spare 20 minutes waiting for the bus, or when you will have to wait late after school, so having a book with you to read at all times will give you something to do! Whenever I leave the house, I make sure I have my purse, keys, phone and my book. It has become an absolute necessity the everyday. If you are able to read two books at once, you can always keep your larger books at home and have a thin-paper back novel that you keep in your bag or backpack. If you want to, you can also download books on your phone, but don’t forget the magic that comes with holding a book in your hands.

Create A Reading Corner

Having an environment to sit down, relax and read in for some people can be the driving force of a reading addiction. Having a nice comfy armchair with lots of throws and pillows can be the deal-breaker for a good reading session. You can have anything from a chair to a special spot in the garden that you can begin to associate your brain with reading. Its the same concept as knowing as the fridge is where the food is, the reading chair is where the book is!

Go To Used Bookshops

Books can be pretty expensive, not gonna lie! Second-hand bookshops will be your best friend if you want to keep growing

your collection and not break the bank. There is something really lovely about pre-loved books because sometimes you can find little notes that the readers before you have written throughout the pages. Furthermore, Book-Swap stores are awesome, so are the classic library. There are heaps of ways to maintain your reading habit by spending less than $10 or less per book!

Instead Of Watching TV, Read!

If you ever find yourself watching television or scrolling in your phone for no apparent reason, remember that you can be spending that time reading instead! Getting into this practice will enable you to not only save time but spend more time reading!

If you have any more tips or tricks that you think might help aspiring readers to blossom, please let the YOMM team know in the comment section below!



Reading is the best cure to everything. So great to get into a habit. My problem is I get too attatched to the characters.

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