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Ask any of your friends and chances are they have a tutor for at least one of their subjects. Some people get a tutor because they feel their teacher’s help isn’t enough. Others want to get ahead and extend themselves beyond class work. Most want individual help that you just can’t get at school. Whatever your reason, finding a tutor isn’t easy and knowing what to look for is a challenge. Here are our top tips to make the search a bit easier.

Ask Around

When you start looking for a tutor, ask your friends for recommendations. You’ll be able to easily find out the price, expectations and type of tutoring, get any contact information and ask your friend if they think it has helped to improve their results. It also means that the tutor is likely to be local to you, reducing travel time.

Know What You Want

Before you contact a tutor, sit down with your parents and work out what you want from the experience. Do you want a regular weekly session? How much are you prepared to pay? What kind of qualifications does the tutor need to have, if any? Would you consider a tutoring centre? This will narrow your search and allow you to determine if the tutor is right for you.

Look Online

The internet is your friend when it comes to finding tutors for particular subjects. Websites like TutorFinder allow you to search by subject and location, providing reviews for individual tutors based on the experience of other students. Prices and experience are also clearly stated so you can save the tutors that fit your criteria.

Give It A Go

Meeting with a tutor is really the only way to determine if they are the right person for you. Contact the tutors that fit your criteria and ask if they are happy for you to have a couple of trial sessions before committing to more regular tutoring. Remember to give it a few weeks before making a decision – results don’t happen overnight!

These are our top tips for finding a great tutor but we want to know yours! Share them in the comments.

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