TASTEThe Warmest and Yummiest Winter Dinner Ideas

Missing summer this winter? Why don't you try out some of these comforting recipes!


Sometimes winter can get us down in the dumps, but these comfort food ideas will warm you up!

These ideas are not only super yummy, but they are pretty easy too.

Roast Chicken and a Fresh Salad

This meal may make you miss summer a bit, but it won’t fail at comforting your summer blues. A roast chicken is always where my head goes to when the winter months get cold! Try this one out at home, if you need the recipe for a roast chicken, try this awesome Jamie Oliver roast chicken recipe. The fresh salad in this dish is meant to remind you of summer! Lettuce, cucumber with a lemon drizzle should do the trick.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is a classic winter meal. There are so many ways to cook this dish and that can be really exciting! Feel free to check out some pumpkin soup recipes online, or ask your mum/dad for their special way to cook pumpkin soup. Personally, I roast my veggies first to give them a smoky taste and add some cinnamon and nutmeg! Drizzling some sour cream or parmesan can be the perfect way to finish off this dish.


I know that this one isn’t necessarily a classic winter recipe, but I think that it is nourishing and comforting! Furthermore, it is super easy to cook and is a meal that everyone can enjoy!
Meatballs are warm and filling, and can be deceptively healthy! When you don’t want to be eating a cold salad in winter, you can mix in some spinach or even grated carrot into the meatball mixture to get your daily intake of veggies.
Check out this awesome meatball recipe!

Shepherds Pie or Cottage Pie

This has got to be one of the most classic winter meals. It is the perfect mixture of meat and warmth. The layers of bolognese, potato and cheese make it one of the most hearty meals to fill you up this winter.
Similarly to the meatballs, you can include heaps of veggies into this dish and completely forget that they are there! Broccoli, pumpkin, spinach and corn are perfect to include in the meat mix!
Check out my favourite Shepherd’s Pie recipe here!

Baked Jacket Potatoes

Baked potatoes score a 10/10 on my comfort list. This recipe is super easy and can be done within 30 minutes! What is so great about this meal is not only that it is warm, but you can also add whatever toppings you want! You can add whatever you feel like; sour cream, bacon, corn, cheese, grated carrot, minced meat…ANYTHING! I love this recipe because you can be as creative as you want and still have an awesome meal.
Check out this awesome baked potato article.

If you have any suggestions or recipes that you think beat these ones, let us know in the comments below!

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