MOVEThese Exercise Classes Are So Much Fun!

Sick of running, swimming and circuits? These classes are for you!


Let’s be real – exercise can be a real drag. There’s nothing worse than going to the gym to do the same routine in the same environment every single day. Guilty of making excuses to avoid another boring run around the block? Then check out these crazy classes that are about fitness and most importantly, fun!


With locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Rollerfit is the newest way to get fit. Plus you can be seriously 80s chic at the same time. Classes are offered for beginners right up to advanced level. Get ready to improve your cardio endurance, flexibility, core strength, agility and balance. Classes are $30 for non-members (including skates) if you want to see what all the fuss is about. If you like it enough to sign up as a member (we can guarantee you will!) you can purchase class passes in bulk for as little as $14 per class!


Available exclusively at Skyzone in Alexandria, Skyfit is a fitness program that combines all the fun of trampolining with a workout designed to make you sweat. There are ten different class types to choose from. They cover strength, stretch, activation and skills to name a few, and there’s something for everybody. Run by qualified trainers, classes range from 30-45mins and can be purchased in packs of ten for just over $13 a class. Try an unlimited membership for $25 and bounce your way through the week!

Ninja 101

If 22 Ninja Obstacles, a 3 level warped wall and 2 inflatable courses sound like your idea of fun, then Ninja 101 is for you. Offering NinjaFit classes for youth and adults, the courses give you a chance to test your strength, agility and fitness. It will barely feel like exercise at all! Classes run three times a week for groups, so grab a friend and find out what you’re made of!


We all know that good music makes for a good workout and it doesn’t get much better than retro music. Think fluro sweats, lycra and headbands. The classes are designed to give you a full body workout that also strengthens your heart, improves your posture and tones your entire body. They are available right around Sydney and the outfits make for a pretty cute Instagram post!

We love that these exercise classes are also fun. Even if you’re a serious gym junkie, it’s worth mixing up your routine once in a while, stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing what your body can do!

We want your opinion! Is there an exercise class you absolutely love? Tell us about it in the comments.

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