PLAYWhat Your Favourite Instagram Filter Says About You (Part One)

We investigated some popular Instagram filters to find out what they really say about you!


For those of us hooked on social media, the pressure to post the perfect picture is a constant struggle.

Without a doubt, Instagram is the platform to beat all platforms. It’s perfect for sharing selfies, holiday snaps and stalking that ex that refuses to use Facebook. Perhaps the most addictive part of Instagram are the filters – I mean, who doesn’t want to look tanned, have the water in their beach shot look extra blue or get that on-trend polaroid effect that’s absolutely everywhere. But it turns out that the way you filter your photos says a lot more about you than you might think – check out five of our favourites!


You’re a total contrast. You add lightness to the light, but also darkness to the shadows much like this popular filter. You’re usually a chilled out kind of person, but beware anyone who tries to cross you. Your feed is mainly arty shots of buildings and a record of every meal you’ve ever eaten in a hipster cafe.

Try this filter for: Selfies


You live in the past. You love music from the 1950s and spend your weekends searching through thrift stores for the perfect vintage tee. People often say you don’t live in the real world, but that’s just the way you like it. Your feed is mainly shots of old school celebs and your record collection.

Try this filter for: Nature Shots


You’re intense and emotional. You love a monochrome palette and spend your time writing poetry or reading crime novels. You’re often accused of being melodramatic, but you’d rather be dramatic than boring. Your feed is mainly shots of rainy days and your cat.

Try this filter for: Portraits


You are an eternal optimist, always finding the good in every situation. You love being outdoors and spending time with your friends (and you have many of them!). Being so positive can make it hard to show your true feelings when things don’t go your way, but you’d rather look on the bright side. Your feed is mainly shots of your family and friends, with the occasional holiday snap thrown in.

Try this filter for: Foodie Shots


You don’t like to be the centre of attention. Even though you are creative and talented, you’d rather stand back and let someone else take the credit. You always support your friends no matter what, which makes you the go-to person in a crisis but remember to look after yourself too! Your feed is mainly shots of your dog and inspirational quotes.

Try this filter for: Group Shots

Did we miss your favourite filter? Comment below if you’d like to see Part 2!

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