PLAYWhat Your Favourite Snapchat Filter Says About You

The number of Snapchat filters seems to grow by the day and you’ll hardly ever receive a snap that doesn’t feature at least one. While we love limited edition filters and holiday-themed additions, we still love the original classics. It also turns out that your favourite Snapchat filter says more about you than you think! Which one is your go-to?

Dog With Tongue Hanging Out

At first glance, this wouldn’t seem like the most flattering filter, but weirdly it makes everyone look good! If this is the filter you keep going back to, you like to stay in your comfort zone and stick to what you know. You only snap your closest friends, but when you do, it’s nearly always a selfie. You don’t like taking risks and would rather spend a night in with Netflix. Your friends say you’ve always got their back.

Flower Crown

The perfect filter when you’re feeling less than your best and need a little help! If you keep going back to this filter again and again, chances are you the shy one in the group and like to stay out of the spotlight. You love sending the odd selfie, but your snaps are mainly photos of your brunches with friends. Your friends say you’re the mum of the group and always give the best advice.

Puking Rainbow

This filter is super cute and fun! If you love this filter, you’re the life of the party and always up for a good time. You love surprises and make the most of every single day. You can be a little impulsive and speak your mind, and your snaps show it! You’re not afraid to say what you think and your friends love you for it, even if it gets you into trouble. You’re definitely the adventurous one in the group!

Face Swap

This filter can go horribly wrong but always provides a laugh! If you’re always using this filter you’re super creative and don’t mind laughing at yourself. You have a great sense of humour and always see the best in everybody and every situation. You’re constantly Snapchatting throughout the day and hate when you lose a streak with your bestie. Your friends say you’re the most positive person they know.

Golden Butterly Crown

This filter is so extra but that’s what we love about it! If you can’t get enough of this filter you’re probably super active and always outside. You love the beach and feel like hibernating during winter. You look after your health and never miss a workout. Your Snapchats are always taken at the gym and you love inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle. You are always meeting your friends for acai bowls and deep chats.

These are some of our favourite Snapchat filters but we want to know yours! Let us know your fave in the comments!

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