MOVEWhy Swimming May Be the Best Exercise You Can Do

Looking for a new workout that is fun, safe and extremely beneficial - swimming could be your answer!

Swimming, as well as being rather fun, is an extremely beneficial method of exercise. It works the whole body, doesn’t impact your bones and joints as much, and it’s an amazing life skill to have.

Here’s a few reasons why swimming may just be the best exercise you can do:

Low-Impact Exercise

Other exercises like running, hiking or cycling can put a lot of strain on your bones and joints. While they’re still beneficial, they can lead to a few more risks in the future. Swimming, however, doesn’t put any strain on bones and joints. Since you’re gliding through the water, you’re not repeatedly putting strain on your ankles, knees etc. Swimming provides the same fitness benefits without the damage.

All-Round Fitness

Swimming, even at a low-pace, gets your heart pumping. This really improves your cardio-vascular fitness in the long-run. It also uses nearly every muscle in your body, building and toning your muscles, improving muscle strength and greatly improving your endurance. Also, constantly using your lungs while swimming can greatly improve your overall lung capacity.

It’s Fun!

There’s nothing better on a hot, Summer day than jumping into a pool or the ocean. It’s refreshing, it’s good fun with your mates and it’s a great opportunity for some exercise. Go down to your local public pool, or the beach (especially if there’s an ocean pool!) and swim some laps. It’s fun, it’s productive, and you’ll feel amazing afterwards.

Safe to Do While Injured

Because swimming is a low-impact exercise, it’s amazing for people with injuries that make other things like running much less appealing. You can even use it to remain active while you’re injured, making recovery much easier.

It’s Cheap!

If you live near a beach, there’s a chance that there will be an ocean pool available for you to use for free. If not, head on down to your local pool, and for a few dollars, you can swim as long as you like! Equipment isn’t too expensive either, with goggles being as cheap as $15, and swimsuits available from just about any store for a fair price!

Enjoy swimming? Tell us why in the comments below!

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