CARE5 Ethical Christmas Gift Ideas

Keep your gift giving thoughtful and make the world a better place!


It’s that time of the year again. Christmas brings with it shopping and all the excitement of buying gifts.

But do we think enough about where the products we buy come from?

Check out these five ethical Christmas gift ideas! They’ll let you beat the shopping centre crowds AND make a difference at the same time.

Hemp Backpack 

Made from cotton and hemp, a sustainable alternative to leather, this backpack is perfect for school or uni. The simple style works for both guys and girls, retailing at $135. The bag has two generous front pockets and a large main pocket, as well as three hidden inside compartments, meaning there’s plenty of room for books, tech and workout gear. No chemicals are used in the making of the bags which we think is awesome. Less chemicals in your life means less chemicals polluting our planet. It’s a win win.

Alter Eco Chocolate

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly gift, chocolate is the perfect Christmas choice. Alter Eco chocolate work will a small community of farmers, assisting them in improving the quality of their product and their quality of life. With the chocolate trade often linked to drug trafficking, brands like Alter Eco allow communities to replace their illegal crops with cocoa and achieve greater economic stability. Oxfam stores stock the chocolate locally, and it is available in flavours such as sea salt, caramel, coconut toffee and quinoa.

‘One Night Stand’ Clothing And Sleepwear

This incredible brand creates clothing and sleepwear that support young people in need by providing them with a meal from every purchase made. If we’re going to be updating our wardrobe anyway, it’s good to know we can make a positive difference doing so, especially at this time of the year. General Pants stock the range.

The Bare Flask

We’ve heard it a thousand times – plastic bottles are bad for you, get a glass bottle instead etc etc. What we often forget is that plastic isn’t just bad for us, it’s bad for the environment too. Enter The Bare Flask, the 400mL bottle of dreams. Perfect for smoothies, tea or just good old fashioned water, this is one Christmas gift that will be used again and again.

Life Changing Essentials

Let’s face it – if we really thought about it, most of us don’t need or want anything. Around the world, however, there are people in need of life changing essentials to survive and thrive. Oxfam Unwrapped allows you to put the money you would normally spend on a gift for someone towards a project in a developing nation instead on their behalf. From gifts as simple as chickens and goats, to clean water, veggie gardens and women’s rights, your Christmas gift can have a lasting impact on these communities.


So how is your Christmas Shopping going? Do you think Ethical Gifting is awesome? We want your opinion. Any other Ethical Gifts you want to see under the tree this year?

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