GOGet a Sprocket In Your Pocket To Share Pics With Your Friends On the Go

This has got to be the most awesome Chrissy present for you to ask (or beg) for!


It’s called the HP Sprocket New Edition and it’s this awesome mini-printer that is seriously so small that it fits into your pocket or bag.
It can print photos from your phone or Instagram. The prints are pocket-sized too (2×3″) and have a sticky back so you can make a fun photo wall or stick them to anything you like.

If your Photos app is anything like mine, it’s busting out with thousands of pics and I love that with the Sprocket, you can pick out a photo that you love and print it out wherever you are. I’ve made an awesome selfie wall in my room that’s filled with pics that I’ve printed out using my Sprocket. All I have to do is pose, print and stick! How easy is that?

So I bet you wanna hear what makes the Sprocket so cool?

It’s A Looker

The HP Sprocket New Edition is fresh and funky and comes in three high-fashion colours that you’re going to love: Luna White, Pink Blush and Black Noir. It’s got a nice smooth feel and it is just so cute!

This baby is small – it’s hard to believe, but it’s seriously compact enough to fit into your pocket or bag. That means you never have to leave home without your Sprocket.


Instant Prints

Who’s got time to wait? See something you want to take a pic of? Well, there’s no waiting around with the HP Sprocket New Edition. Simply take the pic and you can print it out straight away. “Snap it, Print it, Stick it” – it’s so easy! 

Fun Factor

We love that the HP Sprocket New Edition doesn’t take itself too seriously and it’s designed with a big dose of fun thrown into the mix. Using the Sprocket app, you can jazz up your pics with stickers (can’t get enough of these!). We are going nuts over the Sprocket’s new augmented reality functionality. Basically, you can print a frame from a video, then when you move your HP sprocket app camera over the photo, the video comes to life. How cool is that!

And you can even get a hidden watermark printed on each pic, which can reveal extra details (such as related videos and photos, Wikipedia facts, and the Google Earth Street View) when checking out your photos through the HP sprocket app camera.


No Ink

No ink, no fuss. That’s right, the HP Sprocket New Edition uses the high-tech no-ink HP ZINK© Photo Paper technology, which means there’s no mess, no running dry, and the sticky-back prints are great for scrapbooking, photo walls or even pencil case decorating!

It’s Social

With the HP Sprocket New Edition, you can make a print party wherever you are. Your mates can connect to the same Sprocket via the app and everyone can print out their own pics using the same printer.  You can even create a shared photo album for an event on the Sprocket app, so your friends can relive all the photo fun.


All-in-one Gift

The HP Sprocket New Edition holiday gift bundle is our pick of the best Christmas pressie to ask for this year. It comes with the HP Sprocket New Edition, protective Sprocket wallet and a 20 x HP ZINK© Photo Paper pack.

And tell mum and dad that they don’t even have to fight the crowds in the mall to buy it. They can buy the Sprocket online in minutes and get it delivered to your doorstep before Santa even leaves the North Pole.


So what do you think? Want to be able to pop out some prints on the go? We’ve given this little treasure a road test in at YOMM HQ and think it’s awesome! Add it to your wish list … or better still Buy The HP Sprocket New Edition here!

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