CAREStop Overcomplicating Contouring: Tutorials We Love!

Want to learn how to contour but not sure where to start? Make it easy for yourself by following these simple tutorials!

Contouring is an amazing part of makeup – you can literally change the shape of your face. But between Instagram gurus and Youtube contour ‘challenges’, it’s gotten way too complicated. Let us help you bring it back to basics to understand how it works, and then make you a pro at contour. Remember, every face is different – don’t try to copy exactly what another Youtuber is doing – take a look at your face in some neutral lighting and see where you’d want some contour!

How to Contour for Beginners – Tina Yong

Video: How to Contour for Beginners - Tina Yong

This one’s a bit lengthy, but our very own Tina Yong breaks contouring down and explains it very well, and she recommends cheap products vs expensive ones! This makes it very easy for those of you who are in school and don’t have a massive budget, as well as making the process a whole lot easier to cater to your face.

Roxette Arisa’s “How to Contour and Highlight for Beginners”

Video: How To Contour & Highlight For Beginners | Roxette Arisa

Roxette absolutely kills it with this contouring video using cream contours! She breaks it down to make it very easy to understand, and focuses on the ‘slimming’ method with contouring.

Did you try these tutorials? Show us your recreations and let us know what you think below! What did you love about these, what problems did you have? YOMM wants to know!

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