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BE BOLD, BE YOU with Evamay.

Specifically designed for protection and comfort, keeping you fresh while you live your life with confidence, Evamay has a product that will be perfect for your needs.

Evamay Regular Tampons + Super Tampons

Shaped with a softer outer cover and tapered tip for easy insertion and a comfortable fit, Evamay Tampons allow you to feel confident and secure while you seize the day.

Features include:

  • Tapered Tip – for easy insertion and comfortable fit
  • Twist Open Wrappers – for ultimate convenience
  • Secure Protection – for added confidence


Evamay Tampons Secondary Image_650x200px

Evamay Ultra Thin Liners

Designed in Germany and individually wrapped for your convenience, Evamay’s Ultra Thin Liners incorporate features including:

  • Breathable top layer – to maintain freshness
  • Flexible Fit – for comfort and discretion
  • Contoured Shape – designed to move with your body
  • Ultra Thin – for discreet protection


Evamay Liners Secondary Image_650x200px.png

Evamay Super Pads + Night Time Pads

Evamay pads are designed to protect you when you need it most, with the absorbent core locking liquid into the pad to keep you dry. The wide wings add maximum security and firmly hold the pad into place for everyday confidence while you be the best version of you.

Features include:

  • Extra soft top layer – for a soft cottony feel
  • Stay-put wide wings – provide maximum protection against leaks
  • Flexible Fit – to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Anti-leak – side protection barriers for added security
  • Absorbent Core – quickly absorbs fluid away from your body


Evamay Pads Secondary Image_650x200px

About the Evamay Tampons, Pads and Liners Range product review …

In the Evamay Tampons, Pads and Liners Range Product Review, selected teens and their Mums will be sent a pack of Evamay products to trial and review at home.


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5 out of 5

These pads were just as good as the more expensive brand. I found them asorbant as well as comfortable. I have brought them since trying them and will continue to.

Evamay Feminine Products

5 out of 5

The Evamay products were the right feminine products for me because they werent too long for the night time pads so they were just right and it felt like i was wearing a day pad, the day pads were wonderful as well, and the liners did the job for when i just started shark week and just finished shark week,, overall an amazing product that i love


5 out of 5

I found the evamay fabulous the pads don't move position and i only had to change it after school rather than lunch time with other pads etc. If anything wings on the pads bit more stick would be great

Fantastic Pads

5 out of 5

I liked that I could chose from 3 different types of pads to suit my flow. I had no leakages and they weren’t uncomfortable.

Evamay saves the day!

5 out of 5

TAMPONS: I don't generally use tampons because I find them quite uncomfortable but then I tried Evamay regular and super tampons and was amazed. Firstly, the packaging was fun and inviting and would certainly make purchasing them less embarrassing. I love how the packaging is easy to identify and is very unique, it's fun, quirky and pretty: Like the ideal best friend, just in tampon form! I found the regular tampons were better suited to me as I'm not a heavy bleeder but both tampon types were much more comfortable than other tampons I've used in the past, I found I could still do all the things I usually do and still feel quite comfortable. For anyone interested in using the Evamay regular or super tampons, I strongly recommend you try them out. They're awesome! PADS AND LINERS: Again, the packaging was cute, playful and really pretty. My favourite was definitely the ultra thin liners as I found them a bit better than the super pads when it came to comfort and moving around but, the pads were more suited to the days I had heavier bleeding. Overall though they were both really great and I would definitely use them again. The night time pads were quite surprising, unlike my usual night pads these were much more comfortable and because I'm a fidgety sleeper I was amazed at how they moved at ease with my body. Out of curiosity I googled the prices of these products. OMG THEY ARE SOOOO CHEAP and such good quality too. What are you doing reading this, go buy them already!! Thanks so much for letting me try these. I loved them and strongly recommend you get all these products.

Less leaks!

5 out of 5

I really liked the day/night pads. They were pretty comfy & super absorbent. It was nice to not have to worry about leaks all the time. I don’t really like tampons but I did like the liners too for the end of my period when everything is super light

Eva May Pads

4.9 out of 5

I think these are great products that I trust, super absorbant and comfortable

Feeling Confident & Secure :)

4.85 out of 5

The EvaMay tampons, pads and liners are a woman's best-friend! Their pads were comfortable, durable and immensely absorbent, allowing myself to feel free whilst being active and not self-conscious about whether or not its secure, as they easily fit onto underwear. For someone who's nightime leakage it quite heavy, EvaMays 'Super Pads' allowed me to feel secure overnight as its absorbent core and wings felt firm, assuring a reliable fit! By and Large, they provide the support and comfort for all flows as well as having the added bonus of the non itchy and anti-smelly material.


4.85 out of 5

I am really impressed with this product. The pads were durable and the liner material was with soft against my skin. I will definitely purchase this product in the future.

Great products, an even better price :)

4.85 out of 5

I usually don't use tampons on my period but after trying these ones out I'll definitely be purchasing them. Overall they were very discreet and easy to take out of my bag of school and did not leak a DROP. These were especially great during sport where a pad normally gets uncomfortable.

Loved the Liners and definitely rate the Tampons.

4.8 out of 5

Thanks for the opportunity to trial these products YOMM. I found the liners were thick enough for the last day of my period and loved how well they stayed in place. The tampons were exactly the same as my other brand - a nice tapered tip and smooth cotton on the outside. Mum got another pack of the Regular size for me and she said she couldn't believe how much cheaper they were. Would definitely buy again because they're just as good but less $$

Really useful

4.7 out of 5

My fave from this pack was the liners. Usually the liners I buy are pretty useless because they either overflow or are super visible and not thin enough. These ones had a perfect mix of the two things and so I could be confident no matter where I was!

Take me Away Evamay

4.65 out of 5

Great product love how it felt.

Secure and comfortable

4.55 out of 5

These pads and tampons were a comfortable fit and made me feel confident and secure throughout the day as they were absorbent and flexible.

Good product

4.45 out of 5

Great product to use, good range for all occasions.

Felt safe

3.85 out of 5

I felt safe using this products. They were easy to use and I didn't feel like I would leak wearing them (which is one of my greatest fears)!

Nice and comfortable

3.8 out of 5

I tried the liners at the end of my period. They were good to use. The bigger pads are a bit too long for me but I tried the night time ones which kept me covered. The tampons I tried and the regular ones fit me well.


3.4 out of 5

I've only tried the pads and liners since I'm not comfortable with tampons just yet. I like how the packaging is discreet and not super bright colours like other brands are. I prefer the pads that have wings because i feel like it keeps it in place better, but Evamay's don't fully stick down like it should. I also found that the pads after some time, bunch in from the sides. Which then defeats the purpose of the pad doing what it's supposed to. I would only recommend Evamay's products to beginners or females that have light periods. I also like the fact that they are a part of a leading supermarket donating 5 cents to 'Share The Dignity Charity' which supports disadvantaged women, everytime someone buys an Evamay product.

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